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Enjoy The Hybrid Life!

Here is the situation. You have a book you believe in, want to maintain owner ship, want it professionally published but do not want to wait 8 months for a traditional publisher to give you a decision. (unless you are already a bestselling author or famous, the answer will typically be a resounding no) Hybrid Publishing is a generally new term in the business, and it tends to be confounding in light of the fact that most distributing insiders have various meanings of what a cross breed distributer really is.

A hybrid publisher could be:

A small press distributer that pays royalties and doesn't charge any creator expenses. They frequently don't pay advances.

A distributing administrations supplier (additionally called a sponsorship distributer or vanity distributer) that charges expenses to do what you will need to hire someone to do anyway like editing, design, and book generation for writers.

A customary publisher that likewise sells distributing administrations on the side.

Or a mix of these.

Since hybrid publishing is such a dubious and befuddling idea, you ought to do additional examination to ensure you pick the correct distributer before choosing to sign an agreement with a mixture distributer.

List of Hybrid Publishers

Here’s our list of hybrid publishers that are currently accepting submissions from unagented and/or agented authors.

1. TCK Publishing

Website: Submission Guidelines:


Website: Submission Guidelines:

3. Abuzz Press

Website: Submission Guidelines:

4. Blue Sun Studio Publishing

Website: Submission Guidelines:

5. Book Press Publishing

Website: Submission Guidelines:

6. First Edition Design Publishing

Website: Submission Guidelines:

7. Fruitbearer LLC

Website: Submission Guidelines:

8. Glass Spider Publishing


Submission Guidelines:

9. Iguana Books

Website: Submission Guidelines:

10. Mascot Books

Website: Submission Guidelines:

Contact a few and make sure you are speaking with a CEO or COO and that you get that warm and cozy sensation. After that get your book out there for the world to enjoy and step into the Hybrid Life.

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