• Carl Allen

The Patina of Procrastination

If you are like most writers and people in general, you tend to embrace procrastination like an old friend. After all why do what is priority when you can put it off and chat on the phone, scroll through the media post of strangers, and let’s not forget watching endless – and mindless - youtube videos. Let’s face it, writing is tedious, stressful, time consuming and a solitary endeavor so why rush to do it right? Well because if you are a true lover of your craft or have a true desire to get your story told, not writing at all is far worst.

So here's the thing about being a writer who doesn't – for lack of a better word – write. You may want to have an internal heart to heart about discipline. At the end of the day that is what it takes. If you do not have it you will see this less than stellar habit of procrastination surface in other parts of your life. The late great motivational speaker Zig Zigglar once said, “When you are hard on yourself, life is easier on you.” No truer words have been recited. You will have to pass up the parties and social functions in order to make accomplishments that are timeless and life changing.

If you take time for granted, rest for sure it will dissipate in an unfulfilling way. You can never get back your time and regardless if you are a dashing billionaire or dead broke you will get 24 hours each and every day. Do not let your most pressured commodity get recycled constantly with the patina of procrastination.

Set daily goals for writing, and it makes the endeavor less overwhelming. Guess what? Want to know how the great Ernest Hemmingway wrote his books? He did it the same way as you; one page at a time. Say you want to write a 300 page book in 30 days. Simply write 5 pages in the morning and 5 in the evening and in 30 days you are not only done but have created a forward moving discipline that will serve you well in other areas of life. Remember it only takes 21 days to create a habit and most of us have over 21 years of procrastination under our belts.

Do not put off getting started NOW.

No one is on their death bed wishing that they have worked more. Yet there are millions that wish they had not procrastinated on so many things that would have left a lasting legacy. If you want that writing project finished all you have to do is get started and remain disciplined day after productive day. You will discover that not only is your work complete but you will be as well.

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