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Watching Time Watching You

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Trust and believe me when I say that time is watching. One of my brilliant relatives once said, “For me, time is not a commodity great in supply.” If that isn’t nourishment for contemplation, I am not sure what is. This quote was told to me about four decades ago and not only do I still recall every word, it rings so true to this day. Many of us have the ability - some have even mastered - to manage our money, careers, relationships but as for time…not so much. The irony of it all is that without time management you are risking losing one or all of the others. As to why we take this priceless commodity for granted, God only knows. In fact even He may be baffled since is not like He didn’t give us a head’s up. I am fairly sure that he mentioned in Proverbs that, "Tomorrow is not promised idiot," or something along those lines. Yet we all take time for granted as if it is unlimited fully well knowing that it is far from infinite.

The administration of our elusive allotted time is particularly valid in terms of our wellbeing. The significant issues never appear to be critical despite the fact that our lives – emotions, financial, spiritual - eventually remain in a precarious situation. The successful people have mastered it. Look at some of the people that have made their engraved mark but remained focused on their gift or calling. How about Martin Luther King Jr., Freddie Mercury, Judy Garland, Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson, Bruce Lee, Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe, JFK, and Kobe Bryant just to name a few. Sadly enough that impressive list does not even scratch the surface.

The question is far more simplistic than the answer...well in a way. Is there anything you can do to find extra time? Of course it is. In the event that we have an entire 24 hours per day – last I checked that is still the standard for everyone - how would we really maximize it? First, you strive to try create effective forward moving habits. Try reading a new book daily instead of surfing the net for hours on end reading OPP (Other Peoples Posts). Here is a little inside information, real life is what happens between facebook posts. Try writing a blog or book about our dating experiences instead of logging on to dating app dot com fishing for the next maybe, or…well you get the picture…maybe.

How might we deal with our opportunity to live more advantageous and more joyful life? Do the things that you know are significant instead of sidetracking. Focus on you and your passions instead of the “greener” grass on the other side. Value you time all the time, and never take a second of it for granted. If you are giving something your time, give it your all.

Becoming an efficient person will do wonders for you not just as a writer or author but in life. Prioritize, set daily goals, and be hard on yourself instead of embracing excuses. If you are not working each day to get a step closer to your desires then you are taking that (here comes that word again) time for granted and walking backwards. Do not be one at the end of your journey wishing you had accomplished more in the world when you had all the time in it.

As a publisher for over a decade now, I have seen procrastination kill more books than I can count. I am not just talking about arm chair casual writers. I am talking about brilliant writers with a prose that would make Hemmingway lift an impressed eyebrow. There was nothing stopping them aside from those infamous three words. For each the same words echoed over and over until they, as in the authors, faded into an oblivious obscurity. The words… working on it, tends to surface like a looping voice over.

Now, referencing back to my brilliant relative, I would like to add to his poignant quote. Time is a commodity limited in supply but not just for him. It is an elusive article for all of us. Unlike the fuel in an automobile, there is no meter for this tank. So while your clock is still ticking towards that unknown hour, why not accomplish all you can, love unconditionally with all of your heart, and make as many strangers smile as humanly possible. Hell, who knows, in between watching time you may even write that book you have been threatening everyone with for years.

Carl Allen CEO of Inside Edge Publishing

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