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Welcome to the Hybrid Life!

The great arrangement about independently publishing is that it is so natural to do. I mean why go through all the hassle of waiting with millions of other hopefuls to get picked up by a traditional publisher right? And what are the odds of Simon and Schuster representatives saying, “This is brilliant you first time no name author you! We are gonna pour all this money into editing, formatting, content development, cover design and marketing and write you a nice check as well. How does that sound?” Ok after you wake up from that delusion you will realize that your chances are better with the lottery…much better. Now let’s dial it back a non-fiction second here and get a real idea of what occurs this literary labyrinth.

For the DYI path there are many things to consider. How does that Shakespearian phrase go? To thy own self be true? In other words, know what you don’t know. If you do not love figuring out margins, fonts, spine measurements, ect ect. Do not try to go in on this alone. It can be taxing doing this own your own and a missed page break here or there can make you book come out looking amateurish if you are lucky and a full out disaster is not uncommon. But why not try, we have all heard the success stories. But listeners beware; most of the stories are laced with misinformation.

You should not have to pay to have your book published

This is true if you are already a best seller or famous.

Just use Fiverr to do what you can’t.

Yes we get a lot of Fiverr “experts” rework on a weekly basis; good luck with that.

I am great at English; I can just edit it myself.

Said no real author ever. Authors do not edit themselves no more that lawyers defend themselves (at least not the smart ones)

The frightful thing about independently publishing is that it is a lot like writing; anyone can do it but a limited few can do it properly. Independently publishing isn't something everybody ought to do. With the ascent of the Internet, independently publishing has become a suitable course to progress for some writers. While numerous acclaimed scholars despite everything follow the customary way working together with operators, editors, distributers, and advertisers, there is no denying distributing without anyone else's input is an alluring alternative. In any case, independently published writers wear the entirety of the caps during this procedure, and that prompts a few difficulties and deterrents if they should survive.

Independently publishing is one of the most intellectually testing things one ever needs to do. It isn't for weak willed. What's more, most authors have issues. We aren't consummately upbeat and satisfied people. There's an explanation for why we don't invest our free energy sitting on the lounge chair staring at the TV or playing computer games. A large number of us have a disappointment with life that we have to investigate through our specialty. What's more, when you're frail to begin with, independently publishing can obliterate you. It can take what minimal confidence you had and squash it. What's more, it can take somebody who was at that point somewhat doubtful of the world and push them over the literary edge.

Self publishing seems like one of the most reasonable alternatives on the surface but you may want to focus on your craft and leave the ISBN, mirror margins, and the like to the pros. Go with a low cost Hybrid Publisher that with do the grunt work and allow you to maintain full owner ship of your work. For the cost of a professional edit you can have a hybrid publisher go all of you grunt work while you take center stage. If they will help you market it.

1. Inside Edge Publishing

Website: Inside Edge Publishing

Unlike most hybrid publishers, Inside Edge Publishing charges very low rates have payment plan options, and do aggressive marketing. They pay 100% net royalties, and the per-page quote covers all the costs of editing, design, layout, production, printing, and publishing. They also provide coaching, mentoring, and marketing for their authors.

2. 3rd Coast Books

Website: 3rd coast offers several option packages for authors with great prices and marketing options.

3. Abuzz Press

Website: Abuzz Press has been around since the late 1990’s and only accepts a small percentage of manuscripts for publication. They also only work with U.S. Citizens.

4. Blue Sun Studio Publishing

Website: Submission Guidelines:

5. Book Press Publishing


My suggestion is to get your feet wet first before taking a full literary plunge into the complex and often trying world of publishing. Know what you do not know and focus on your craft. After the first book then you may want to give it an independent go. However, before then get a taste of both (traditional & Self) publishing worlds take on the Hybrid Life.

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